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High quality, natural stone paving can transform an ordinary garden or back yard into a really special space: an outdoor area open to the elements that is just as stylish as any part of the interior of your home enabling you to enjoy the fine summer weather to the full. If you fancy redesigning and re-landscaping your yard this year, and you like the idea of incorporating natural pavers into the new layout, consider the following suggestions, all of which have proved to be popular in 2016.

  • Merging Indoor and Outdoor Spaces – Fitting bi-fold doors in your living or dining room (whichever happens to face onto your back yard) is an excellent way to create one large space for summer gatherings: merging the inside and outside of your home into a single place that is perfect for parties, pleasant evenings chatting with friends, or simply relaxing with your family in beautiful surroundings. For this type of project, high-quality travertine pavers are an excellent choice as they can be used to create a surface that looks equally at home inside or out, and that will withstand whatever the weather throws at it over the years. Whether you opt for a standard rectangular patio or a more unusual design, your home will be on-trend for years to come should you decide to implement this particular suggestion.
  • Natural Materials – As mentioned above, natural stone is a great choice when you want to effect a dramatic transformation in your back yard. 2016 has seen more and more homeowners choosing travertine and granite pavers for outdoor projects, in preference to the less costly, but unfortunately also far less aesthetically pleasing, concrete variety. If you want your garden and yard to look visually appealing once you have laid a new patio or pathway, there really is no better choice than natural stone pavers.
  • Random Repeating Patterns – Neat geometric layouts have dominated landscape designs for many years but recently, random patterns, repeated at regular intervals, have become more popular. The repeating aspect is important because it prevents the end result from looking like a confused mess, and the randomness of the pattern you choose to use as your template creates a casual aesthetic that is intrinsically more interesting to the human eye than linear or geometric layouts. Whether you decide to use bluestone paver stones, granite, travertine, or another natural material, you are sure to love the effect that this type of hardscape design creates.

There are many other things you can accomplish with good quality pavers but much will depend on the size and shape of the space you have at your disposal. If you would like to discuss the options that would work best for your home and to find out exactly how much it will cost to implement your particular choice of layout and design features, please feel free to call and speak to a member of our team. We have completed many beautiful natural stone projects in Perth and look forward to working on many more in the future.